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The Future of Raiden

Raiden has been in production for several years, by this point, and we only have three episodes to show for it. There are many reasons for this, some of them are my fault, and some of them are nobody's fault. However, the single largest factor has consistently been the utter lack of punctuality and professionalism on the parts of all but a few of the show's Voice Actors.

It pains me, that because of this general state of affairs, those of you who are doing a good job might lose out, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that The Raiden Saga is never going to be what I wanted it to be.

So, we have three choices. Vote for the choice you think we should take, here.

We can either continue as we are, at our glacial plodding pace, and slowly work our way towards finishing the full 12-episode arc, attempt to sell it on DVD, and fail because by the time we finish the 12th episode, blu-rays will be obsolete, to say nothing of DVDs.

We can change what Raiden is entirely, forget the machinima and the voice acting, and become a graphic novel / webcomic instead. I don't know if this will be any more successful, but it could hardly be any worse.

Or, we could simply give Raiden up as a failure, cut our losses, and give up.

Episode Three Released!

As was mentioned previously, there are renovations planned for this website, and I won't be posting any more episodes here until those renovations are complete. However, Episode Three is complete and fortunately, you can go watch it on youtube right now.

Watch Episode Three right now.

The twelve-minute episode was completed earlier today, with Sony Vegas Pro 10, which seems to have fixed the bugs that plagued the 64-bit version of Vegas Pro 9. It's about time, isn't it.

It's Alive!

I am very, very pleased to announce that we're, tentatively, back on track. The seemingly unsolvable problem with lack of internet connection has been bypassed, and Episode Three is now back in production. There are a lot of pieces to pick up, both with the project and with the circumstances in my life right now--namely, that I moved this month--but Raiden is not dead!

In other news, I am going to be making some changes to the website soon. In particular, I'm throwing out the pay-to-download idea and setting things up on a different model. I think, considering the pace of episode production we're turning out to have, that idea was a tad ambitions, and for the time being, the site will strive to support itself merely on ad revenue and paypal donations.

When I make these changes to the site, probably around the same time I upload Episode Three, I will also be purging the forums. Any user account with 0 posts will be deleted. We're quite infested with bots, so if you're not one, make sure you've posted at least once to avoid having your forum account deleted.

Unfortunate Delays Again

Well, just when it seemed Episode Three was on track, Windows Update of all things threw a wrench into the works by corrupting my main workstation's network access.

For roughly the passed three weeks, my main computer--and the only computer I have that can run Moviestorm--has been without internet access. Since Moviestorm requires an internet connection to open, I have been unable to use it at all during the passed three weeks.

I finally found what seemed to be a workable solution, but tonight, after internet access was restored to my main workstation, another round of Windows Updates installed and broke it again. I've been trying very hard to fix it again, but so far I have not had any luck, and it looks like work on Episode Three will be delayed even further.

I am desperately searching for a solution. I am very upset over this and am dieing to be able to get back to the creative process. In the mean time, hang tight everyone.

New Actress

With all the hosting troubles and technical difficulties, at last I have some good news. The role of Dr. Sarah Carson has finally been cast!

Episode Three should now go into production as planned. Hooray.

Technical Delays on Episode Two

As some of you may remember, I've been having ongoing problems with my video editor hanging and crashing on me. For the most part the problem is sporadic, and merely slows things down. However, these crashes sometimes cause bigger problems, like corrupting the project file or simply happening often enough that progress grinds to a halt.

I've been trying to get through to technical support for days, but no luck yet.

Unfortunately, this has significantly delayed the episode's release. I meant to have it finished a week ago, but this problem has been persistently getting in my way. I'm still trying to finish the episode, slowly but surely, and I hope that once I get through to tech support I'll be able to get the problem resolved so no future episodes suffer delays for this reason.

State of the Website and an Actress Withdrawal

Unfortunately, the actress cast in the roles of KERIA and CELIA has withdrawn from the project. Those roles are now open to recasting. Audition instructions in the VAA thread.

Elsewise, you may have noticed sporadic downtime, the Raiden site being unavailable. Regrettably, this seems to be a side effect of some hardware work my hosting service is doing. There isn't really anything I can do, except get assurances that this level of downtime is not the intended normal working order, and that the service should be more stable in the near future.

As you've probably noticed, the download functionality of this site is still in development. I am happy to report that I have solved a respectable portion of the problems with getting that set up, but there are still quite a few more things that I haven't been able to figure out yet. I'm working on it, but right now, my priority is Raiden itself, and getting more episodes out.

Speaking of that, now that Episode Two is nearly ready to go into post-production, the need for an actress to play SARAH is becoming dire, as the character features prominently in Episode Three.

Remaining Cast Openings

With Episode Two well on the way, there are still remaining characters who have yet to be cast. The characters still in need of a voice are:

Sarah Carson
Heather Fisk
Mairie Malah

Philip Tagart

Of these, filling the role of HEATHER is the most urgent as she has lines in Episode Two, whereas the others don't show up until Episode Three. Visit the VAA thread for details and audition instructions (as always).

As for Episode Two, I'm still waiting on lines for the three characters(excluding Heather) that I haven't had lines turned in for yet. Ironically, these lines are spread over most of the scenes resulting in only one of the episode's eight scenes having a complete set of lines, currently.

The First Episode

It, at long last, is done. That's right, folks, the first episode is done!

I'm still playing with the settings for the final encoding, but Episode One should be up no later than tomorrow.

For now, the download code is not functional, so I'll be releasing the stream concurrently. Once I get Episode One out, finishing that code, and wrangling in the VAs for Episode Two, will be the top items on my to-do list.

Now if you'll excuse me, I haven't slept since Monday.

Some Good News, Some Bad News

The good news is, all the lines for Episode One are in, except for Trevor's. The VA playing Trevor had to withdraw from the project due to circumstances in their own life, but every other scene in Episode One is now in production! Finally.

I'm considering voicing Trevor myself, and am prepared to do so if it comes to that. I'm going to finish as much of the rest of the episode as I can before I resort to that, in the hope that a new VA will audition in the meantime.

Now, the bad news is that several VAs who didn't have lines in the first episode, have seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I've given them ample time to reconfirm their roles, one of which is a title character, but unfortunately they seem to be gone.

As such, the following roles are once more open to auditions.

Zya Raiden
Heather Fisk
Sarah Carson
Mairie Malah

Trevor Reynolds
Phillip Tagart

For further information and instruction, visit the VAA thread.


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